Demi Moore Says Her ‘Addiction’ to Ashton Kutcher Was ‘Devastating’


demi moore alcohol

During her stint on General Hospital, Moore found time for a few film projects. Following her marriage to musician Freddie Moore in 1981, she appeared with him in the 3-D science fiction horror flick Parasite (1982). Moore also had a bit part in the soap opera spoof Young Doctors in Love (1982). Moore got her lucky break at 19 years old in “General Hospital.” The actress said she knew she was in over her head and wrote in her book that she started using alcohol and then cocaine abusively.

Demi Moore said filming was more important than living

Of course, there’s always a chance that the showrunners might decide to bring her back at some stage, but judging from an interview with executive producer Craig Brewer, that seems highly unlikely. “We were joking that she and Lucious’ mother were sent off to the same insane asylum and are plotting their revenge,” Brewer told TV Line. The former Punk’d presenter told Conan O’Brien (via Telegraph) that he was pretty sure the dolls had souls. Valle’s family initially launched a lawsuit for unspecified damages against party host Lenny Hernandez for “serving alcohol at a party which was unsafe to host,” and Moore herself was later dragged into the proceedings.

Not ready for the grandma roles

The two began dating and were married in November 1987 in Las Vegas. In 1988 they welcomed their first child together, daughter Rumer, who was named after the British writer Rumer Godden. Born in 1962 in Roswell, New Mexico, actress Demi Moore found her way onto the soap opera General Hospital as a teenager before earning big screen acclaim for helping someone with a drinking problem St. Elmo’s Fire. Moore hit the jackpot with the 1990 hit Ghost, which, along with her marriage to Bruce Willis, established her as a Hollywood A-lister for the next few years. Jane marked the end of her run on top, though she continued to surface in films like Charlie’s Angels 2, while publicly facing professional and personal obstacles.

Demi Moore ‘Has Done a Great Job of Recovery’: She Wants to ‘Be There for Her Girls’

The actress, who was joined by daughters Tallulah and Rumer Willis, has previously said she lost a baby girl she would have named Chaplin Ray. Moore said she and Kutcher took a trip together following her miscarriage and that they allegedly had a conversation about alcoholism during dinner. Moore, who has been open about her past substance abuse, went to rehab before filming the 1985 coming-of-age film centered on a group of college graduates adjusting to the trials of adulthood.

Why Molly Ringwald wasn’t in it

I have nothing but affection for her and not a regret in the world,” Cryer added. In 2011, Moore gave another impressive performance in the drama Margin Call, which starred Jeremy Irons, Kevin Spacey and Paul Bettany. She also expanded her work behind the camera that same year, signing a deal with the Lifetime cable network for several new projects.

Early Career and Success

  1. This film told the story of a group of friends as they confront post-college life.
  2. Her biggest passion has always been the abolition of modern day slavery and human trafficking, however, and in 2018 she was honored for her efforts to keep young girls safe from such horrors.
  3. At night she changes into sweats and thick-framed black glasses, the look she adopts as her uniform when she’s home with her three daughters and eight motley dogs (some missing legs, chunks of ears, blind as bats but loved to the gills).
  4. She managed to get sober in time and the movie made her a star in the making, but unfortunately for the actress it wouldn’t be her last experience with substance abuse.
  5. “The place we are all at together with each other is the best place we have ever been.

It’s the question she asks from the jump – in the prologue, a gripping account of the moments leading up to her 2012 hospitalization, which, by her account, included “a hit of nitrous oxide” and “a puff of synthetic pot”. Despite a strong start, Moore found herself compromising for her young love – throwing away years of sobriety and inviting others into her marriage. When Moore and her mom were living on their own in an apartment, a man befriended them, who made Moore 8 best dual diagnosis rehab centers in california “slightly uneasy.” One day when Moore entered the apartment, the man, who she says was “three times” her age at the time (15), was present. Demi Moore says that ex-husband Ashton Kutcher downplayed her alcohol addiction during one of her low points. Demi Moore is opening up about her struggles with ex-husband Ashton Kutcher and the effects their relationship had on her three daughters. The experience was the catalyst that turned things around for the actress.

But it was really just shaming.” Third, about two years into the marriage, Moore got pregnant, but it unfortunately wasn’t meant to be. She lost the little girl she had planned to name Chaplin Ray, miscarrying at six months. To cope with her emotional pain, Moore drank even heavier and started abusing Vicodin. And when she learned that Kutcher had cheated on her, things quickly went from worse to worst.

“We don’t know what to do,” he told Newsweek magazine (via Telegraph). “People just don’t want to see her. We would have to drag them kicking and screaming to see this movie.” Kutcher drank a glass of red wine and told Moore, ‘I don’t know if alcoholism is a real thing – I think it’s all about moderation,’ the Roswell, New Mexico-born beauty said in her new book, according to Radar. Beyond the screen, Moore drew attention with the September 2019 publication of her memoir, Inside Out, which delves into her turbulent childhood, Hollywood stardom and battles with substance abuse. In January 2012, Moore seemed to experiencing a personal crisis.

demi moore alcohol

Legendary actress Demi Moore opened up her home in the Hollywood Hills to ABC News’ Diane Sawyer to discuss her past, a devastating crossroads and how she got to where she is today. “I think the root of what really fulfills us in life is being of service,” Moore shared with reporters at the event. Demi Moore was named woman of the year at the Peggy Albrecht Friendly House’s 29th Annual Awards Luncheon on Saturday — and she took the opportunity to get candid about her own recovery. By entering your email and clicking Sign Up, you’re agreeing to let us send you customized marketing messages about us and our advertising partners. You are also agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Tomorrow is her first day on set in Cardiff shooting a television series based on Al­dous Huxley’s Brave New World, in which she plays a woman banished from a society where people control their emotions with a drug called soma. Now she sells her body because she’s never learned to experience it as her own. The woman I see before me today in Ystradowen (Vale of Glamorgan, Wales) is relaxed, not defensive, but also not defenseless. (“I have zero interest in being a victim” is a phrase she repeats and remixes throughout our week together.) She is less can’t-stop-won’t-stop toughness and more presence and peace. At night she changes into sweats and thick-framed black glasses, the look she adopts as her uniform when she’s home with her three daughters and eight motley dogs (some missing legs, chunks of ears, blind as bats but loved to the gills). It’s obvious, watching her yank the cherries out of an oatmeal cookie with a goofy pluck, that this woman has done the work.

Valle’s mom and dad Maria and Jorge claimed that Moore was culpable as there were no depth markers on her 10-feet-deep pool and she had rocks placed around its edges, which was an accident waiting to happen according to the deceased man’s grieving parents. Demi Moore was briefly back in the news in 2015, though for all the wrong reasons. In July of that year a 21-year-old man named Edenilson Steven Valle attended a party at Moore’s Beverly Hills home — where he drowned after falling into her swimming pool while intoxicated.

demi moore alcohol

The actress went through a period of anguish nearly seven years ago when she was not speaking to her ex-husband, her three children stopped speaking to her, urging her to get help. Now, Moore’s daughters are speaking up about their own experiences with their mom’s struggles over the years. Rumer and Tallulah Willis joined their mom on an upcoming episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Red Table Talk” to discuss, among other topics, her sobriety slip. Click here to see all the celebrities who have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction.

The actress, 56, appeared alongside her daughters, Tallulah and Rumer Willis, on the most recent episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook Watch series “Red Table Talk” and got candid about her life and her struggles with addiction. The couple officially called it quits on their six-year marriage in November 2011 after Moore hit a downward spiral and suffered a breakdown before briefly reentering rehab. They reportedly reached a divorce settlement in 2013, not long after Kutcher began dating his “That ’70s Show” costar Mila Kunis, whom he later married and had two children with. She reveals that, when she was a kid, her teenage mother battled alcoholism and suicide, and Moore remembers, at age 12, digging pills out of her mom’s mouth. She later learned that the man she thought was her dad wasn’t her biological father.

Moore went to rehab for drug and alcohol addiction in the mid-1980s. In January 2012, after months of partying and drastic weight loss, Moore collapsed into convulsions at her L.A. Home and was hospitalized before going to rehab for addiction and an eating disorder, sources told PEOPLE at the time. Moore detailed her journey with drug and alcohol abuse — both during her Hollywood breakout appearing on General Hospital and later, during her marriage to Ashton Kutcher — in her 2019 memoir Inside Out. That year, she told The New York Times she had maintained years of sobriety. Jane as the first woman to attempt to join the elite Navy Seals military unit.

For her role Moore trained vigorously, lifting weights for two hours a day and going for six-mile runs. All of this dedication, however, translated into a middling showing at the box office. Moore later said that the media reports “killed G.I. Jane before it ever even had a moment,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

Onscreen, Lowe and McCarthy reminisced about a night they had out drinking with Liza Minelli, where they ended up at Sammy Davis Jr.’s house. “It pains me when I see folks who don’t see how much love is infused into the Brat Pack. “Brats,” the new documentary about the Brat Pack (now streaming on Hulu), covers the famous group of ‘80s stars, their memories about their heyday and their gripes with that moniker. Schumacher’s actions weren’t just a lifeline to Moore — the ripple effects of Lowe seeing Moore eventually achieve sobriety affected his recovery journey too. The actress explained that an offhand comment from Kutcher made her question her sobriety program.

“I think that we did a magnificent job of making sure that our children knew they were loved,” she said. The 56-year-old actress, whose mother was also an alcoholic, previously claimed he cheated and begged for threesomes as she continued to churn out shocking revelations in her new book. Footage of the frivolities (shot by Entertainment Tonight) first found its way online in 2012 but has been largely ignored until recently. According to Digital Music News, calls for Moore to be clinical experience of baclofen in alcohol dependence added to the list of offenders have been growing, though Tanzini (who joked about the fact that the actress was married to Freddy Moore during the video) has declined to comment. He certainly didn’t seem to mind at the time, and it looks as though he wants to keep the incident in the past. In 1982, the staff of General Hospital (Moore got her big break on the long-running ABC soap opera) went out on the town to celebrate the fifteenth birthday of cast member Philip Tanzini.

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